reverse glass paintings

I love to paint behind glass!

Yes, behind not on the glass. When painting on other materials you would paint the eye light or the lips and cheeks of a person at the end. Working behind glass means that you have to paint these things first because you look at the painting from the other side of the glass. The organization of the painting is vice-versa : left and right is inverted, the things you want or need in the front, f.e. a pattern of a shirt, you have to paint first; the background comes last.

I am often  asked, why I do that difficult thing , why behind glass painting?Very easy : I like it! it´s a challenge! I have to be concentrated and at the same time creative and in a flow. Things can not be changed easily, once the color is in the glass. I have to take decisions and have to know approximately which way the painting will go. Sometimes I am just surprised of the coming coming out, because there are still unexpected changes or developments, when colors mix or when I mix colors in a new way..

I work with the same colors I use on canvas, but the reverse-glass-paintings are so much more colorful and bright! It´s amazing how brilliant the colors come out due to the glass!

You get addicted to the shining, vivid colors and can not get enough of looking at them.

The ones in the gallery downwards are mainly 30 x30 cm. But I also work on huge glass – 1.50 x 1.50. The glass plate is than fixed in a special construction so that I can walk around the plate to decide what to do next, to see the painting from the frontside of the glass and paint  behind the glass.

These paintings are just a small selection, I have done a lot more and there is still more fantasy left ;-)!

(30x30cm, 40x 30 or 23 x 11 cm/  acrylic color behind glass)

30 x 30  H2M  für die Ausstellung „Kunst und gesund“

50 x 50 La Parisienne


100 x 100




img_0477 img_0478-17-04-39 img_0475

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